Frequently Asked Questions

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I thought it would be a good idea to have a list of the most commonly asked (or what I believe will be some of the most commonly asked) questions.

If I'm new here, do I have to send first on trades like on other sites?

In short, no! We do not have a must send first restriction for new members. We believe all members of this site should be able to make up their own mind on whether a trader is trustworthy enough to deal with. That said, we will place members on restriction, or ban them completely, if they don't make good on their end of their deals.

What are the requirements for hosting a group break here?

We have very few requirements, none of which are hard to follow. In fact, if this is your first day on the site, you can probably still host a group break here (assuming you can get it filled). You can see the requirement threads in each of the group break marketplace forums here: Baseball | Basketball | Football | Hockey
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