Howdy Y'all!


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Well, I figured I should probably introduce myself first, so here goes...

My name is Mike. I'm live in a little podunk town in north Texas. I actually collected cards as a kid and loved it. I'd buy a pack of cards every chance I got, especially if they were basketball cards. I had a ton of cards. Then came high school (girls) and I completely forgot about those cards for years. Then, like a lot of the rest of us, when I decided to collect again I went looking for my cards to find that mom had either given them away or thrown them away.

So, I started collecting again sometime in 2008. I was buy/selling cards on eBay until I stumbled upon these trading card forums. I eventually became a member at Trading Card Central (TCC) and made a home there. I chose that site primarily because of what I observed to be the most friendly atmosphere. Today, I still feel like I made the right decision there. I thrived on that site for many years, eventually becoming the Content and Graphics Team Manager. Shortly after that, however, the site's owner went awol. Even today it's been three years since he's logged in to the site.

So, in 2012 I decided to branch out on my own and I started Trading Card Zone (TCZ). That went really good until my wife became ill and I closed the site down due to financial issues. Once my wife was well again I opened it back up, and it was rolling again. But then I purchased Sports Card Club (SCC) and merged TCZ into it. That was mistake #1 for TCZ. Mistake #2 for TCZ (now SCC) was I purchased The Bench Trading (The Bench). The Bench ended up taking all of my time away from SCC as I worked to get that site up and running again on some updated software. Once I had that site booming again I made the biggest mistake I've made in business and I sold that site. I almost instantly regretted that decision, making me want to quit the hobby. So, after contemplating just closing SCC down, I decided to give it to a friend I'd met on The Bench.

I, again, took some time away from the hobby then decided it was time to jump back in...and here we are...

For those who don't know, I collect Tony Parker. I collect any and all Tony Parker cards as long as 1) I don't already have it and 2) he's depicted with a Spurs uniform/logo. This has been my primary focus since re-starting my collection in 2008 and that remains today.

I also collect rookie cards of Vince Carter. My goal is to eventually have a copy of all of his rookies graded at least a 9 (PSA or BGS).

So, there you go. That's me and my collecting journey in a (large) nutshell. So, go digging through those commons and if you come across any Tony Parker cards (base, inserts, relics, etc), let me know and we'll see if we can work out a deal!