Group Break Requirements

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Here at Sports Card Arena all members are free to host any group breaks they like. However, there are a few requirements we have so, if you plan on hosting a break here, please make sure that you're able to meet all of these requirements prior to posting the break thread.

  1. Breaks cannot be cross-posted on any other sites. If breaks are found posted elsewhere, the break thread will be closed and the host may be permanently banned from hosting any future breaks on SCA.
  2. All participants of the break must be members of SCA. If someone you know wants to join the break and they're not a member here, ask them to register. It's free to register and only takes a few minutes (or less).
  3. Transactions must be created, by the break host, with all members of the group break.
  4. Each member, until they have completed a total of five group breaks on SCA, may only have one group break active at a time. A group break is considered active from the moment the thread is posted until all transactions for that break have been completed.
  5. Once posted, group breaks must remain open for at least two weeks to give sufficient time for the break to fill.
That's it. Easy enough! If you plan on hosting breaks on this site, again, please make sure you can meet these requirements before you post your break thread.
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