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This site is unique to the rest because of the fact that I write all of our software. Outside of the forum software we use here (XenForo), all of our features are custom built, and written by me. As such, I'm able to take suggestions from the members and actually implement them into the site.

Having said that, it's important that you follow a few simple guidelines, and have a bit of understanding of the selection process, when making a new suggestion.

Posting New Suggestions

First off, though not required, I recommend always searching the suggestion forum to make sure your suggestion hasn't already been suggested. That helps keep things tidy and saves the moderators the time of having to merge threads together. Also, it makes it more difficult to track member interest if suggestions are dividing amongst several different threads instead of contained to just one.

Please keep your suggestions limited to just one per thread. If you have multiple suggestions, post them in multiple threads. Also, be as specific as possible about what it is you're suggesting. The more information in the thread, the better. This also helps to know that the staff and the members know exactly what is being voted on.

I'll do my best to reply to most suggestions, after some time being open to voting, to give my thoughts on whether, or not, they will be implemented.

Replying to/Agreeing with Suggestions

First off, if you like a suggestion that's been made, please upvote the suggestion. That's the key indicator on how many of our members would like to see a specific suggestion implemented.

To upvote a suggestion, click the up arrow next to the first post in the thread.

When viewing the suggestions forum, threads can be sorted by votes by clicking the "Popular" tab.

Please keep in mind that the number of votes is not the only indicator of whether, or not, a suggestion will be implemented. It's simply the primary indicator. I'll always want to implement the suggestions that members want the most but sometimes there are reasons why I can't implement a suggestion. Sometimes technical issues will prevent it. Sometimes the amount of time it would take to write the code isn't worth the effort.
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